College Football

Create a college football ranking system including standard (win/loss) as well as zany (US News ranking, student body size, etc.) criteria. Use past score results as to produce some rankings.

Some possibilites:
Conference Compare
Compare conference by looking at similar performing school. With a complete season, we can compare non-conference games between teams. A conference champ beating a last place team does not count for much. A last place team beating a conference champ would count for a lot. Home field will also be considered.
Team ranking profile
Use a normal distribution to plot the rankings of all opponents. Then determine mean and deviation for losses and wins as well as adjusted ranking.
What if they played here
Apply schedules from one team or conference to another and determine if they would be better or worse. Use to compare conferences
Modified BCS
Throw in criteria like US News ranking to the BCS standings and see if they get results
An interactive tool for predicting wins by selecting from some of the possible criteria. Also determine what appears to be most signficant in all the criteria