Abort, Retry, or Ignore

In the society of today, there is an overwhelming tendency to self-indulge. Drinking, overeating, drugs, sex - we are finally in the time when people have no qualms about overindulging, only to regret it immediately afterwards, but the immediate result was intense pleasure (usually). Unfortunately, the overindulgence in the last area often leads to one minor problem, pregnancy. However, this needn't be a problem, as we have found with the abortion procedure. If only we would expand this procedure to cover other areas.

Today's world is becoming overly populated. There is massive unemployment, and high crime rates. So, why would we want people to grow up in this world. We wouldn't. Therefore, the great abortion process was kindled. With it, unwanted pregnancy's could be quickly cured, and aborted. The young one wont have to suffer in this cruel society that we live in. But, why stop with the unborn children?

Abortion should be greatly expanded. Think of the economic advantages that would occur if instead of wasting money on medicine the sick ones were immediately aborted. The easy way out of the problem. Instead of spending a fortune in time and effort to cure AIDS, just kill everyone who has AIDS. And then we can go on to 'abort' everyone suffering from any disease. Think of all the needless trouble that could be avoided by eliminating everyone with a common cold. It could be expanded to eliminate all forms of human suffering. Think of how greatful society would be if nobody ever had a hangover. They could drink all they wanted, then just get an 'abortion', and be forever cured. The same goes with overeating, smoking, and many other maladies facing society.

The only problem to be reckoned with are those who willingly seek to avoid the 'abortion' process, and suffer through their problems. This is not a detriment to the system, but indeed a benefit! It fits in directly with Darwin's 'survival of the fittest'. The babies that survive will of course be those most suited for survival. Moreover, the people who fail to 'abort' themselves from existence will be those capable of overcoming all diseases.

The only drawback to this system would be the elimination of the medical profession. Alas, many highly talented doctors would be out of work, thus furthering the unemployment problem that we tried to cure. However, this is only a temporary problem. Because of the decreased population, more employment will be available in much needed sectors, such as garbage collection and toilet cleaning. After completing a three year training program, the doctors should be able to master the skills necessary to aid the populace in this field.

Expanding abortion from recently conceived fetuses to the entire human race is one of the most beneficial things that can be done to our economy. Not only will it provide a quick cure for the recession, but it will also fight the lingering problems of overpopulation, poverty, and unemployment.