April Morning Vocabulary with a twist

The most bodacious vocabulary from the triumphant story, which is known to the layman world as "April Morning". (This account of the Revolutionary War, however is very inaccurate in it's portrayal of the primary characters, most notably the soloman dude who very closely resembles Sylvester Stallone, except with much better speaking abilities) This also serves no apparant purpose, for, based on the inherent laws of probability, no more than one of these words will actually appear on the test, and that word will be so obvious that list will be almost totally without use; however, (wow, I actually used one of those coordinating adjective thingamabobs!) some form of sick pleasure can be derived from the inexplicable (word choice error! HAHA!), repitive looking up of innane words in Funk and Wagnals dictionary.
Anathema 52 It's like a formal ecclesiastic curse, also similar to what happened to the Leon River (HAHAHA)
Apoplectic51Blood clot are hemorage- sudden paralysis resulting from
Ardor 92zeal, warmth, intensity; Ardor has a fireful our door.
Bereaved 182Man! I am so deprived from happiness by this word, it's death would really sadden me
Betrothed 116To engage to marry
Blunderbuss96On old fashion, short, close range gun
Catarrh 82Inflamation of the mucus membrane - in English, you gotta serious runny nose...
Coppice 116Thicket of bushes or small trees
Disabuse 46free from false or mistaken ideas, You knew that!!!!!
Gillies 179Pond scum!!!! Scotish...
Hillock 116ock = small, Sharrock = small Sharr?
Hummock 140low mound of earth, hillock
Indignation92Anger arroused by base injustice! COME ON! I'm so mad that you didn't know that simple word!!!!
Muster 76Piensalo!
Predilection82preference or favor towards something; partiality
Primacy 91state of being first in rank or excellence
Ravenously116violently voracious or hungry, extremely eager for gratification
Stocks 74see also: bonds
Thewed 70?? sinew, boldly strength
Tirade 76prolonged declamatory outpouring, as of censure