A Critical Analysis of Two High Schools

								Jeremy Hubble
								English I-2
								December 9, 1988

Even though the Temple and Belton high schools are geographically close, the groups to which the students belong are different. They are very different! One difference that can easily be observed is the different type of social groups to which students belong. Some of the different groups which I have observed at both schools are the kickers and the skaters. School organizations to which students belong are also quite different, with Temple having a great deal more activities available in which to participate.

The types of social groups that students join are quite different from school to school. For example, at Belton High, a large percentage of the students belong to a social group known as the kickers. Kickers can easily be distinguished from the general student body by their cowboy attire, which almost always includes a plaid shirt, a giant "old west" style hat, a large belt buckle, and pair of cowboy boots. Nearly everywhere you look in Belton, you will see a kicker; yet in Temple, kickers are hardly noticed.

After kickers, the next largest group is the skaters. Skaters can be identified by their peculiar hair styles, wild T-shirts, and multicolored high-top shoes. This group is seen in approximately equal quantities at both schools. However, in Belton the skaters are more easily recognized.

In one quick glance at the two schools you can easily observe another difference -- size. Because of Temple High's larger population, students have many activities from which to choose. Students in Belton must choose among a few sports and clubs. At Temple High, however, there are a great number of clubs waiting to accept new members. Belton residents have never heard of many of these organizations. In spite of the many available clubs, the most poplar activity among high school students is sports competition. Temple, with its larger student body, usually dominates in sports.

Are you moving soon? Try a short distance move, and you will discover, as I have, that because people live in the same area does not necessarily mean they prefer the same activities. I have moved many times, and in each new location the teens act differently. I have discovered that different types of people live in one local area.