You still riding that bike around

Fore! Score! The Lakers win the world championship! The most triumphant sounds of this world. Dude!

"Join the Joyride..."

"Dave Schmidt with the morning show."


"Oh yeah, some bumb walked in from the street."

"With the wages I get, I'd probab-"

"Ha Ha Ha"

"Well, how about those Bulls!"


"Last night the Bulls finished up with the Lakers, taking the world championship four games to one."

Oh well. You can't have everything you want. But, heck, I have life to look foreward to. Man! I hate waking up in the morning. Especially this early. Streeeeetch. Fifty situps. ooohhh. Fifty pushups. Arrgghh. I don't think I'll jog today. I need to get back in the spirit. Maybe tomorrow.

School! Arrggh! Why on earth am I going to summer school? What's the point in having a summer vacation if you can't sleep in.

What would life be like without a bicycle? I know, I am supposed to have a drivers liscence now, but I still would rather have a bicycle. Raleighs are nice.


"Bill! Long time no see."

"How's it chillin'?"

"Pretty excellent."

"You still riding that bike around"


"When are you ever going to get a liscence?"

"Why bother? I can get here just as fast with a bike, and when I get lost- "

"We all know about you getting lost."

"I don't waste any gas. In fact, I get exercise!"

"Dude! You have an excuse for everything. Why don't you just drive down to the gym?"

"But, then you have the environmentalist conflicts."

and seven years ago.