Vocabulary: Crucible

Adamant - immoveable, unyielding
Beguile- deceive, mislead by guile, charm, divert, while away pleasantly
Befuddle- to confuse, as with liquor or glib arguments
Belie- misrepresent, slander, fail tofulfil, provefalse
Effrontery- Shameless or insolent boldness, audacity
Gibbet- a gallows; hanging, hold to public contempt
Harlot- prostitute
Incredulous- not willing or not disposed to believe; sceptical; showing disbelief
ipso facto- by the fact itself; by that very fact or act; outlawed ipso facto
Indictment- you know - the charge thing by GJ (s.c.)
Lilac- gimee a break you purple-white dude!
Marshal- Why the heck is this here???????
Parochial - narrow, restricted in scope, or what ya know
Penitence- duh! like contrition or confessin' dude
Prodigious- marvelous, vast, extraordinary in size
Pretense- pretended claim; false assumption
Probity- virtue or integrity tested and confirmed
Quail- Vice President (oops, it's spelled a little little differently - shrink with fear!)
Scaffold- Why????? criminal execution place, dude!
Sibilance- hissing
Sublime- elevation, nobility, highest degree, granduer
Tongs of Fire- Why on earth is this here??????
- Jeremy G. Hubble, esq.; Arthur Miller; and Funk & Wagnalls