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Random Observations

Random Observations Archive [19 Jun 1996]


Last movies seen in any format with ratings

10 June 1996
17 June 1996
Week of...MovieLocation Format Rating
10 June 1996 Lolita (1962) Evans Library VHS 10
The Great RaceHomeTV - Disney Channel inc.
Father of the Bride (1950) home TV - TCM 6 inc.
Clueless home VHS - mine 9
American Grafitti home VHS - Bruce 8
The Phantom Post-Oak Mall
(Carmike III)
low-quality theatre 7
Dragonheart Hollywood 16 high-quality theatre 10
East of Eden Home TV 8 inc.
Angels In the Outfield (1994) Home TV - Disney 9
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Home Laserdisc - Bruce 10
17 June 1996 Back to the Future III HomeLaserdisc (Bruce)8
Queen of Outer Space HomeVHS (Bruce from TV)1
Cinema Paradiso HomeLaserdisc (Bruce)9
Plan 9 From Outer Space HomeVHS (Bruce from TV)6

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Last CDs popped in the player:

With origin, and ratings

[does not show how much time they were played] [* - someone else's CD]

June 17, 1996

Week of Artist Name CD Title score where
fmt. time
June 17,
Green Day Insomniac8 Disc Go Round used 5 wks
Randy EdelmanSoundtrack: Dragonheart10 Circuit City new 1 wk
John WilliamsSoundtrack: Hook7 CD Exchange used 4 wks
George ClintonSoundtrack: (Score) Mortal Kombat 9 Circuit City new 5 wks
Randy Edelmand and Trevor JonesSoundtrack: Last of the Mohicans10 Circuit City new 1 wk
VariousSoundtrack: Clueless8 Disc Go Round used 5 wks
Randy EdelmanSoundtrack: The Quest 9 Hastings new 6 wks
The RednexSex and Violins6 Hastings used 5 wks

Books I've been reading

With rating, and time to complete

Book titleAuthorratingDate finishedtime
LolitaVladamir Nabakov1018 June 1996few days
Mission: Impossible movie tie-in?7June 1996few days
Love StoryErich Segal7

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June 19, 1996

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