Ode to the Jelly Bean

or I never read anything I write

Oh the foot, the painful foot,
wurthering under scrapes and pains;
Under the toes that walk, that walk.
The toes, the toes, you walk the toes,
Where else do they go, they goes?
The heel is pain, has always been,
mais the toe, the toe, will always go,
But rollerblading, wrought the weak
and from hencefore, to hit the street,
all thanks to the fiend, the jelly bean, the jelly bean;
The jelly bean, poor mans opium,
the apetite it satiates, it makes
the sugar come, hyper, no, dull, who knows.
The jelly bean, the jelly bean, oh I’ve seen.
Control, bye bye, I must resist.
No, they’re there, I must comer.
Will not, I saw! The punishment nay,
Yes, ‘tis there, for all the mal, I care.
Why? Because of thee, oh jelly bean,
You torture and you wrack the brain,
you drive innocent man insane.
But tis thee, que tis to blame?
Or is it I that am insane?
How lame.
Oh jelly bean, oh jelly bean,
do you strive to hurt my splean?
No, you lift me ups to heights,
heights of energy without fin,
that must expurge, but cannot speak.
Then later comes the painful low,
depression, and a brain in snow.
And at night, to the netherworld goes,
Confused the brain, wanders cold.
Oh jelly bean, how could you?
Oh jelly bean, why so cheap?
You were a past ‘ol easter treat.
I must implore you leave the door
to me I would to have control.
I will resist.
I will resist your temptation,
oh jelly bean.
You call, you beckon.
No! I reckon.
I struggle. I will survive.
Cake. Sugar. Jelly bean.
Where would I be without thee?
Where am I know, with thee?
Is it thee who has sought
to disturb the universe?
Or was it thee, who impeded
the very structure of the tree?
Satisfaction, no? Move to fast, or to slow?
Reaction? Maybe not. The confidence,
is strought? Read not in, what is not?
No. You are mine, and I to thee.
You torture, hang in efigy
but I return, faithful still.
Why I ask?
You torture, but I enjoy.
I forget, yet remember still.
Why do I not ask and go?
Explore the world that common show?
I must avoid. I cannot be.
It all serves for the memory.
Return to the times I remember best.
Perhaps forget, it was a test.
The times, the aspects, simplistic was.
Yet today, it fights yet for the cause.
The players have since neglected
the trade to which they gave so much head.
Yet, I recall the entity, and thus return.
Return I to the infantile desires.
The times are simple, players naive,
and all the dream is jelly beans.
Jelly beans, Jelly beans, oh the things that I have seen.
I had desire, now in a fire,
but I still have those jelly beans.
Oh jelly blean, cans’t though explain.
Thow art my friend, the kindest thing.
Why should I strive to stretch the realms.
Chocolate is common, yet evil still.
And thine evil fiend the sugar rabbit,
could never strive to form the habbit.
But staying with they kindful eye,
I can neglet any careless pry.
Why struggle for another A,
when for no effort I can B.
Oh jelly bean, oh jelly bean, must I grow?
No no dear boy, you need not show.
The jelly beans will hold you down.
The depression will yes come around,
but the work is not required.
To thee the satisfy will transpire.
Remain the same, my friend,
and stay thee with the jelly bean.
But jelly, might I to thee implore?
Why must life remain a bore.
Oh son, I must reply, if bore I thee,
Why not say thee bye?
Alas my friend, I bore they not,
in fact to thee, I give a lot.
The endless nights where they might think,
Arising only to wish a drink.
Thow needest me, thow mightdst escape,
but to where, something akin to rape?
Oh no no, they must not fall the date,
for it is only second rate.
Yet, life great will always seem
When thou art with the jelly bean.
Oh jelly bean, oh jelly bean,
I do not desire to break thee.
Yet I desire to escape thee.
The string is leading to destruction.
An endless cycle de abduction.
Why not permit some setting goals -
- Yet strange desires you have acheived,
talking daily, Why thee grieve?
Thy friend a clone of hers,
yet genetically part the cause.
Yet communication is intact,
six days, a week, what a max.
And other metas, yet they art strange -
sucker to desire, oh jelly bean.
Desire beg, desire get?
Oh fiend, I will not let.
The day, the night, I will fight
So that thine goals thine own, ye might acheive.
The weather, tis what I forgot.
Let not us go where we are not.
Oh bean, I will escape thee.
But then where wilt thou go?
Thou do not know.
Stick with me, and life will gleen.
Always here, always the same.
Yet, bean, I will just go insane!
Oh jelly bean, oh jelly bean.
Thou art what I have. I need thee now.
Why am I archaic, I know not.
I will not.
I must escape you mister bean.
Jelly bean, jelly bean. I resist.
I will not eat you.
I am behind, the beans atras me.
Grow I will, yet slow-i-ly
And I will acheive victory,
Over you, the jelly bean!
Difficult, it must be, but
jelly beans grow not on tree.

Jeremy Hubble, Spring 1997