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A Little Princess

A Little Princess by Francis Hodsgon Burnett - Movie by Alfonso Cuaron, with Liesel Matthews

Special thanks to Taro Rehrl and R Joshua Eyre for providing information and links

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A Little Princess by Francis Hodsgon Burnett

Little Princess Sara (Plot and Character Summaries)
Sara Crewe online
Read it online
Buy it on tape
Another Place to Find it Online
Read it online through gopher
Kidsnet Book Review
Book Review Archive
Enchanted E-books excerpt
Texts by Frances Hodgson Burnett available online

A Little Princess directed by Alfonso Cuaron

Links to all movie reviews look at me

Brief Mexican synopsis[Spanish]
Mexican Oscar info site
Joshua Eyre's Little Princess page look at me[L,G!]
Chicago Tribune Review (Search for more related articles
A Little Princess nominated for two Academy Awards: List of all awards and nominees
An interesting look at the movie
ALP appears on yet another top 10 list
All Movie Guide Entry
A French Press Release
Children's Literature Web Guide (L)or other node wow
Viewer's Choice Summary[old?]
Blockbuster (in Spanish)
Internet Movie Database (L!) cool!
Mexican Review / Article [Spanish]
Short Synopsis [Spanish[old?]]
Request TV has it [albeit confused with Rob Roy]
British Movie Preview
Video Release Info
Look At Summer Films...
LA Film Critics Awards (through Deja News)
L.A. Film Critics Awards (web page)
More info about the movie [In Japanese]

Japanese Animation Little Princess Sara

Overview, including sound files
More about Little Princess (Japanimation, etc.)
List of (Japanese) voice actors who contributed to the anime Sara version. [Japanese]

Other A Little Princess related links

Someone's reflections on Little Princess (1939)
Dolls in Literature [it all started with Emily...]
(L,G!) The Star of A Little Princess(1995), Liesel Matthews big picture of Liesel Matthews
More Information on Liesel Matthews
More information on the soundtrack
Listen to samples of the soundtrack online
Patrick Doyle (Wrote the music for ALP)
A review of Patrick Doyle's soundtrack
More soundtrack reviews
Liesel Matthews sings "Kindle My Heart" (From movie soundtrack) [11kHz WAV format] listen to the music
The Ramayana (In Sanskrit)
Little Princess Radio Production
Richard Lagravenese (Scriptwriter)

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