Legalization of Marijuana

Noting marijuana has been erroneously classified as a narcotic, and legislated to illegality before its true positive and negative ramifications could be discovered,

Observing the rampant illegal use of marijuana by the majority of United States Citizens,

Noting the enormous sums of money being spent on a futile attempt to battle the growth, distribution, and use of marijuana,

Seeing that marijuana is a 'weed' and thus grows easily in many places (including national parks),

Recalling the many possible medical uses of marijuana that are inhibit because of its present illegality,

The law (91BLAH06293) prohibiting marijuana growth, distribution, and use is hereby nullified and marijuana regulated based on the following time scale:

(1) Immediately after passage of this bill, possession of marijuana for certified medical experimentive uses shall be permissible in the jurisdiction of the United States government.

(2) Two months after the passage of this bill, personal growth and possession of marijuana shall be permissible.

(3) One year after the passage of this bill, production of marijuana by commercial groups shall be permitted, with the following restrictions:

  1. They shall not advertize their marijuana products.
  2. All products must be clearly labeled 'marijuana', and the concentration of various key chemical elements (as determined by the FDA) shall also be labeled.
  3. Marijuana shall not be included with any other product without express written permission of the FDA.
  4. Marijuana shall not be sold to anyone under the age of twenty-one years.

(4) The Food and Drug Administration shall have the responsibility of determining what marijuana products may be sold. The FDA will also be responsible for regulation the producers of marijuana.

(5) It shall be illegal to smoke marijuana in any public place.

(6) A tax of one cent per gram shall be placed on all marijuana sold under the jurisdiction of the United States.

[From High School government project]