Martial Beats

While sitting there, wondering what was wrong with my life, I decided that it was a waste. No, not my life, but thinking about it. I spend so much time thinking about my life, I don't have any time left over to spend living it. Oh well. But, I guess, I might-as-well tell you what I thought about. On second thought, I wont. Instead I'll tell you about this party I went to yesterday. There wasn't anything really special about it, but I need a good ice-breaker.

You, see, it was Steve's party. Herb has always been a good friend of mine. But, Herb has nothing to do with this party - he wasn't even invited. I don't think Herb even knows Steve. I start to wonder how I got to know Steve. I think he was in one of my classes my freshman year, but that didn't really count. I didn't know anyone my freshman year. It must have been some extra-curricular thing we were both involved in last year. I'm not sure which one, but I know it was something I'm not in this year - (and now that I think about it, neither is Steve.)

But, this is supposed to be about Steve's party, so I'll spare you the details about Steve. The party was one of the first one's I'd been to in a long time. My parents even got onto me for not going to enough parties. (You should have seen last New Years - I got invited to about 4 different parties, so I decided to stay home, and go to bed at 10 - it felt great.) Anyway, this party here, I actually decided to go to. It looked like it would be fun. They had a swimming pool rented, and promised to have a whole lotta food. What's a party without food. And, it looked to impressive to be one of those 'everybody get drunk' type of parties. (thank goodness)

Anyway, I went to the party, swam a little, slept a little, then went home. I always act basically the same at parties. I'm never interested enough to challenge the barriers of communications with others, so I usually talk with a few of my friends, and then go home.

I've never really liked parties.

But, I probably could learn to like them if I ever wanted to, but I've never had the gumption to want to. It takes too much effort. I'd rather just go on avoiding them, unless there is nothing else better to do. Then I'll go.

The main problem with parties is that they're usually at night; which in itself is not all that bad, but when you stay up too late you miss out on morning sunlight, which is bad. I love the sun. I can't stand artificial light. That's probably why I hate school. It's so fake. Not only the light, but everything else. However, I'm not going to talk about school now. I'm really not in the mood. Instead, I'm going to Mars.

Mars is a lot different than earth; a lot more peaceful and serene. None of the Martians disturb each other. Well, actually they do, but not to the great extent that earthlings disturb each other. Martians have a lot more to worry about. They have to be careful to hide all signs of life when the earth-probes come. They're very good at that. They have even managed to dry up their rivers. The earthlings still don't believe there is life on earth - maybe it's better that way. It makes it all the more fun for the Martians.

It's a total blast sending little flying saucers down to earth - especially when they hide them in someone's garage, or someplace else where only one person will see them. Then, they quickly disappear, so everybody thinks that that person is crazy. Poor soul! But, that martians had fun while they were doing it, so it can't be all bad. If the martians just did it because they were bored, then when they'd have a problem - it would be all bad. But, they don't, so it isn't, so we don't bother.

The other day, some martians actually buzzed me. I was thrilled to death. They tried to scare me out of my wits with some funky looking alien costumes, but it didn't work. Heck, I'm the dude who stuck my finger in the gun of a mass murderer. They didn't know that though. They though I was just another one of those bumbling earth idiots. (Boy, do we have enough of them.)

After they realized they couldn't scare me, they offered me a ride. We went cruising all over the earth. It was boring. We got back, and I went to bed. The next morning, I played the new CD the Martians gave me. It sounded pretty cool.