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Mission: Impossible (1996) - 7/10

Great theme song. If only they could have played it more. The movie started out with a great opening credit sequence. It ended with an excellent chase scene. In between, however, was just kind of boring. More of a dark man against the world than a super team. The plot was nice and convoluted, but workable. Also had some nice James Bond gadgetry. Danny Elfmann's score was good, while it played, but there just didn't seem to be enoughh music. The ending chase sequence is a definate must-see at the theatre. (Maybe you'd be best sneaking in to the end after seeing another movie.) another movie)

Twister - 7/10

This one starts out with an awesome tornado scene. Then goes to some boring dramatic stuff, then another awesome tornado scene, then more boring dramatic stuff, then finally gets to the grand finale of the cool tornado scenes. The special effects made this movie. The love triange, *yawn*, the duel, *yawn* just boring hollywood faire. But the tornados just jam. Sure to turn anyone on to this weather phenomenom. You must catch this one on the big screen, especially for the flying cows. Good score, very remincent of William's Jurassic Park.

The Quest - 8/10

A family version of Mortal Kombat with the feel of Waterworld. It starts with an old Chris Dubois (Van Damme) tearing up a few muggers in a bar, then flashes back to tell his history of how he learned to fight. The opening of early 20th century New York City is well carried out, and really gives the feel that you are there. Van Damme does great as the leader of homeless children. Later he finds himself on a ship, that eventually leades to his meeting with Edgar Dobbs (Roger Moore) who provides a great deal of humour. Finally the last part of the movie is devoted to the no-rules prize fight. There's a sumo wrestler from Japan, a flamenco dancer from Spain, and all sorts of other great 'representatives' of their countries. Van Damme really shines in his directorial debut. Randy Edelman also composed an excellent score.