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Fall/Winter 96-97

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Star Wars [special edition] Jerry Maguire
Beavis and Butthead Do America
Space Jam

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Star Wars [special edition] (1977, 1997)
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I saw Star Wars on the big screen last weekend. What a great film, although the so called revamped effects weren't all that hot - Darth's light sabre tended to disappear when not at the correct camera angle. Seeing Jaba slip-slidden around was a treat, however.

I dont remember the first I saw Star Wars, and was too young to see it on the big screen, so the rerelease was great!

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Jerry Maguire (1996)

MaGuire is a film for the romantic - or those whose passion for love, life can help them overlook the corny elements of this film. Nevertheless, I thought this to be a film with much merit in the realm of film genre (I am somewhat a helpless romantic).

However, the the two extreamly annoying feature of the film which annnoyed me was the almost constant flashbacks which our main character had (his mentor of salesmanship reminding him what being a sports agent should be about.) I must admit that the integrity we can gleen from what is being said in these flaskbacks, as well as in MaGuire's mission statement, is refreshing in this day of bigger, more money contracts. However, I have never been a big fan of the flashback of the voiceover (as is heard from MaGuire in the intro of the film.

Cruise does well in this film, as does Cuba Gooding Jr.- and, in my estimation, Gooding Jr. and Cruise made an inseperable pair. The most enjoyable part of the film was to see that the idea that nothing can break the bonds of friendship still exists in some places out there.

Almost as equally dazzling was Rene Zellweger (Dorothry - MaGuire's assistant/girlfriend/wife). Be still my beating heart, but hear is an incredibly attractive woman who knows how to act. As I watched the film, I wonder more than once if Zellweger couldn't have been more perfect for the part of Dorothy. If the next new bandwagon to jump onto is the Zellweger fan club, I want to be the wagon's driver. If it is not already evident - I am exteamly impressed.

Jerry MaGuire is a good film, but its not perfect - its corny, and some parts drag a bit. This film is not a film for realists, but for those a little more willing to hope and believe that love, friendship, and integrity still exist in a world that all to often seems cold and merciless.

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Beavis and Butthead Do America (1996)
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Alright, alright, I'll be one of the first to pubicly admit that I like the cartoon Beavis and Butthead. I will probably also be one of the first of B&B fans to admit that they do not belong in a feature length film. Sure, the film had laughs (I laughed, I think around twenty times), but who can help but laughing at Cornholio in his infinate search for TP (toilet paper).

However, it seems that the issues Judge was trying to address in this film: the issue of a lost today's youth, and the society in which this lost youth lives and stuggles to survive against (each in their own bumbling, idiotic, unique and, yet, amazing way - amazing, for most somehow do survive it all). These issues, however, remain somewhat skewed and even at times lost throughout the film. It seems that these issues are not fully exploited by Judge, instead, they are only vaguely touched upon. Every time we are close to gleeing one of the above issues (which, in themselves, remain and exist as incredibly important issues in considering today's youth) from the film, the entrance of The Great Cornholio destroys all that remains of an issue which only vaguely addressed to begin with.

Not considering that this film holds no (or little) merit in the actual genre of film, this movie is one which we can all mindlessly laugh at. And, in a time where more and more movies simply exist only to make us laugh mindlessly, I guess Beavis and Butthead Do America is a film which is par for the course.

On a final note, B&B belongs in 15 min. segments on MTV late at night - there Judge doesn't have to worry about such genre issues as plot, charcter purpose (conflict), or underlying theme - as he clearly hasn't in his feature length debute.

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Space Jam (1996)
Jeremy1 Rating: 9 out of 10
Jeremy2 Rating: Film worth $3 to see

Last night I finally got to go out and see a film - its nearing that cramming time you know, so I don't get to do much! Anyway, I saw the all mighty Space Jam. Actually it wasn't really all mighty - the best thing about it was Bill Murray; the man is a legend!

Not that MJ didn't give us a show - in fact, he did quite well - acting, that is (not that he hadn't had a bit of prior practice in front of his friend, Mr. Camera - what with all of his gazillion endorsements of the years!) Of course, 'his airness' didn't have all that many lines (the film was all of 93 minutes), and we already know he can play basketball, so, if fact, MJ didn't really have that much to do to prepare for his "debut." Anyway, AIR Jordan, pulled it off - the "feature-length-sort-of" film thing, I mean, and its safe to say that MJ has definitely beaten out Shaq in the category of film debuts (sorry Kazaam!).

Let us not forget the loony toons that mad MJ's success possible, though. They provide us with many, as we've come to love and respect, slap-stick comedy antics throughout the film. I think I speak for us all, however, when I say - hey! comon! How about a little more Marvin Martian! - and if you're gonna do Babs from Tiny Toons, at least have the courage to call her Babs, and cut the corny crud about the sex discrimination in basketball - I mean, sure its an issue, but in a WB comedy film? That's not what I paid $6 for.

If I had to pick MVP's for this film it would go like this . . . . Human Actors: Bill Murray (who should have been used more - and who should have scored the game winner) Cartoon Actors: Daffy Duck (who provided, as expected, the looniest humor!) Because, as, of course, Bill says to Daffy in the closing seconds of the game, "you da duck!"

This film was good clean fun - although too much corny and 'forced humor' sometimes made it tiresome - and a film worth seeing . . . on video cassette - or on a night when you really don't mind spending $6 on a film worth three.

On one last note, all of the hype surrounding this film, although bringing in a lot of people to the box office, sort of ruined the film for me - there was sooooooooo much hype surrounding this film, that Space Jam didn't really live up to expectations; of course, what's to be expected from a basketball player and a rabbit? - 93 minutes, that's what!

RATING: film worth $3 to see

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