few miscelaneous Jeremy ramblings [tennis/quotes/observations]

few miscelaneous Jeremy ramblings [tennis/quotes/observations]

QUOTES: (10/20/91) [from Jeremy of course]

The greater the struggle overcome (whether internal or external) the greater the ecstacy of accomplishment.

If you can be second place with two hours a week; and first with 20, why not have 10 seconds instead of one first?

Life, the Universe, and Everything, part VIIXTLS [7/28/91]
I. well-kempt long hair makes you look smarter.
2. It would be much cooler to live in a big city, and especially to be part of a major university. Many better opportunities for recreation, computing, and more.
3. People who talk too much are downright annoying.
4. People who don't talk enough are downright nerdy.
5. Why did only one girl go on a trip to the research center and why was she good looking and have one of those cool quasihoarse voices.
6. The young look is most triumphant.
7. It's downright easy to talk to people, just try.
8. Avoid continual cliques. Just use them to fall back on. 9. It was cool haveing a roommate that would just tag along, instead of feeling obligated to tag along with him. It was also cool eating with different people at every meal.
10. Tim seems to have dissasociated himself with the posse.
11. Oh yeah, this is after going to the UT Honors colloquium.
12. Never walk a couple of miles when you really need to go to the bathroom.
13. Looks are not all important - good grooming is more important. Amazing looking chicks were city there all alone, while acne filled dudes were majorly scammin'. Smooth talking is much more important. charisma, man.
14. Why do you seem to get tired around noon, but be loaded with energy at midnight.
15. Wish I would have danced at the dance. I heard they played a lot of headbanger/moshing stuff. I think I saw a few dudes moshin'.
16. The pizza they served was nasty. It wasn't pizza. It was cheese and tomato sauce on a tortilla
17. It's funny when your over here walkin' around chattin' with a chick, and then later you learn that this other guy you recently met was supposed to be meating her at the dance, but he can't find her, and you end up becoming good friends with him, even though he is kinda mad about loosing her.

There are but two desires in the world: the desire to play tennis, and the desire to swim. All actions and choices stem out of these two desires. Eating is carried out to provide the energy to swim and play tennis. Sleeping, likewise. Friendship is cultivated to provide a partner for a game of tennis. School is attended and high grades achieved in order to prevent summer school, and allow more time for swimming and tennis. Also, the knowledge is cultivated to provide for intelligent conversation during a tennis match.