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The apple computer club meeting

The apple computer club met at the E.G. Edwards and Sons office in the World Savings building.  When I first arrived at the building, I looked around for a short amount of time before I found the room.

After I arrived at the room, I sat down and looked at some of the things that were sitting on the table.  On the table their were many graphing calculators, some brainstorm questions, some  computer programs, and some other books and pamphlets.  I already new one of the apple users there.  His name was Jonathan Van Matre.  (He was the one who encouraged me to come to the meeting)  I also knew the guest speaker, Miss West.

Five minutes after I arrive, the meeting was started.  The president started the meeting.  First he discussed the new club dues.  Then, he introduced the speaker.

Miss West started her speech by telling us about the ways computers were used at Temple High School.  Then, she talked about the math department.  Many math teachers have been using computers to compute grades.  They also have been using computers to demonstrate how to graph functions.  Finally, Miss West gave everyone a graphing calculator.  Then, she told us how to solve a simple calculus problem, using the calculator.

The greatest safeguard against failure is proper training, uncluttering one's agenda, preparing to succeed and narrowing the vision into the goal alone.  Having the proper coach who has the desire to make any sacrifice to produce champions is just part of the program.

Communications jobs

Communications jobs

Computer Bulletin Board Operator

Income :  diddly - lots of money

A computer BBS operator deals with many different people throughout the day.  It is his responsibility to censure obscene messages, help beginning computer users, check files for contaminations, and regulate user access.  An operator of a small BBS cannot except more than a few hundred dollars,  but those operating large boards, or working for large companies can receive hefty incomes.

Germanic and Romance Sentences


"All cows eat grass."  That is taught to kids to learn to read the spaces on the staff.  "Every good boy does fair" is used for the lines.  With these two things the staff is hard to forget.  All children can learn to read it.


Beef is consumed regularly by people.  The people's appetites are satiated by greasy beef.  Additionally, spaghetti is enjoyed by grand concourses of humans and provides energy.  Chocolates contain sugar and various plant derivatives.  It is a component of desserts.  Combined they compromise an enjoyable budget-gourmet dining experience.

George and Martha Paragraph

Is life ruled by an omniscient, omnipotent being, is it just a product of circumstance, or is it up to the individual human mind to determine its vissicitudes? “Daddy” has always been a factor in Martha's life. Whether a presence to be dealt with or to fall back on, he was always there. The expectations he had for his daughter - the vicarious success he so craved - must be examined to tell whether it was a craving he had always wanted but never achieved, or a smidgen of the yearning in every man to further his own existence. Daddy was a success in popular terms. He lifted his own self up to the head of the small liberal arts college through the American success formula and made plenty of money doing so. But then he desired for his daughter to continue it - to marry someone who could some day become the head of the college. Martha had no apparent problem with this - her husband appeared to have the potential - but, when George turned out to have no desire of such, a bitterness about Daddy was soon exhumed. Martha had always found it easy to fall back on her daddy through her youth, but she also had the human desire to be somebody - to amount to something on her own. The difficulties and frustrations of satifiying these two often-conflicting appetites soon lashed out in brief, acerbic “Daddy” polemics. Martha felt her life was, indeed, being controlled by another being, but while at first it was a situation that could have its merits, when the burden shifted from her father to her husband her self-identity desire soon subordinated the other. Whether Daddy is a diety form or just a simple father figure is inconsequential. Either way, he, along with George, was a force ruling Martha’s life that had to be dealt with to satisfy her own human desires in life.

PC^2: Politically Correct Pop Culture

Give the original title of the politically corrected pop culture title.
1] Above average person
A] Super man
2] Hey, Mr. or Ms. percussion instrument wielding person
A] [Hey,] Mr. Tambourine Man
3] Mail Carrier
A] Postman
4] The African-American sheep squadron
A] Black Sheep Squadron
5] Nocturnal Animal Person
A] Batman