"A story"

A story, a story, the glory of a story. Who says that I am? Who is that I be? Oh, I am just stuck in the middle of a very strange place with no ending, no begining. Proceeding in one direction as the decimal places of PI, constantly expanding, never ending. And then the other direction a have been passing e. Oh, if only this would end... end... end...


"Hey myan. like what's up dyood?"

"What? who said that? could it be? nah..."

"Lyike dyood! I'm talkin' to ya! D'you have that bodacious ability to talk, or are you one of those dumb dyoods."

"Of corse I can talk!"

"Well, like totally tubular dyood! I didn't know those strange species like you could actually hablar. Like awesomeee dyood. Vamanos!"

"Que? Yo no comprendes."

"Lyike vato, I don't comprendes your esagnol. You c'n Spreaken Deutsch or parle Francais, but don't you be hablaing that espanol to me"

"Que Lata. I was hoping you were a slightly educated Californian."

"Californian! Dyood! Thanks for the massive compliment. WE dyoods from the planet Stombatyoneweia have been striving for millions of years to emulate the UULLLtimate form of life, the Calyifornian. Lyike radicool dyood"

Californians? The highest? Who would have that that Californians would be the highest forms of life? And we have been constantly teasing them for their strange outlook on life, and their constant psuedolaliing with the tabloids. Maybe this guy even knows about our post mortem conditions. Wow. Like totally tubular. Uh Oh! I am starting to talk like a Californian. I better keep my cool. For all I know this could be some dipsomaniacal sot just finished with his most finished drinking spree.