Superbowl XXX

Jeremy Hubble
The Battalion

Hooray! Football season is finally coming to a close. The near eternity that began before the fall semester is finally coming to its final close as the Cowboys take on the Stealers in Super Bowl XXX.

Triple X? Shouldn't that be NC-17?

Well, no matter what you call it, millions of people will be watching. Heck, if advertisers are paying $1 million for a thirty second advertising spot there better be a lot of viewers.

The all-time list of top television shows is dominated by various Super Bowls.

But, as my dad told me in my younger days, "it's just another football game."

"But dad...This is the Super Bowl! This is the grand-finale of the professional football season."

"Its just the last game until the next season starts up in the fall. Now go on and do something productive. You can read all about it in tomorrow's paper."

"Yes Dad."

It's hopeless trying to argue with Dad.

After pouting about not being able to watch THE game, I finally came to the basic conclusion:

Dad was right. It was after all, just a Pro game. It's not college ball. Nobody gets on these guys' case for getting paid. Heck, I didn't even know what teams were playing.

Fall was the TV junkie time. I'd get up early Saturday morning and catch my dose of cartoons. Then came the Raycom game. It was almost always Rice (I think they must've been the only team not on probation at the time.) They never won, but they were my favorite team.

Halftime was the best part of the game. All the action of a dozen other games summed up in 2 minutes. It was early, so no final scores, yet. But, Raycom would actually show the band playing at halftime. Some day I would be out on a field like that.

After the Rice game, the major network game came on. I had to break for lunch, but I made it back right after a big play (of course). Luckily they showed the replay 17 times. I can almost say I saw it live.

Finally half-time! My mind was overwhelmed by an endless barrage of stats plays, scores and everything else a pre-pubesenct could sink his eyes on. This is the information age!

Nothing could tear me away from the screen now. I had to catch all my scores.

Finally the games would end, and I'd start to engage in something productive. Saturday was the day for football.

My memories of Sunday football were not so pleasant. I remember the disastrous overtime game when the announcer said, "Don't kill the messenger, but there will be no Punky Brewster tonight."

Arrgh! I still wanted to kill him. They actually broadcast the stupid drawn-out game instead of Punky Brewster. Didn't they know that Punky Brewster had that time slot. Football's not even supposed to go in to overtime. That's for basketball.

I seldom watched Pro ball. But, I still fought to watch a Super Bowl. After all, everyone watched that. All over the world. (Though against the World Cup it wouldn't even compete.)

I remember when Oakland won. They're still my favorite team. Then there was Chicago. That was a team. They made football interesting. They had their own music video: The Super Bowl Shuffle. They'd do things interesting like send a household appliance up the middle to score. Payton was an awesome runner. MacMahon was an interesting quarterback. He could even play.

That was pizzazz. The highlight film was actually interesting.

I think that was the last Super-Bowl I saw. Recently the Cowboys have been making the trip a lot. I've always hated the Cowboys.

I'll be the contradictory voice:

"Go Stealers!"

But please, do it quietly. I'm busy doing something productive.

22 JAN 1996