Spiritual Influences in My Life.

The other weak, Brother Gonzales asked me to give a talk on something. The only problem was that he didn't remember what it was supposed to be about! Well, a little while later, he came back with the topic, Spiritual Influences in My Life.

Throughout my life I have had many people who have influenced my life. One of the first, and strongest in my life has been my parents. Ever since I was barely born, my parents have been teaching me about the gospel, and encouraging me to read my scriptures, say my prayers, and do many other spiritual things.

My Sunday School classes have also been a strong spiritual influence in my life. Throughout the years I have studied the book of Mormon, the other scriptures, the prophets, and many other parts of the gospel at church.

Recently, one of the strongest spiritual influences in my life has been seminary. This year, Sister Larson has been doing a wonderful job teaching us about the New Testament.

In the New Testament, we have learned about many of Christ's teachings. We have learned through the words of Jesus why we cannot obey God and mammon at the same time, that we should be the light of the world, that we should help others, obey the commandments, and have a testimony of the gospel, and believe in resurrections.

Also, in the new testament we have presently been studying the teachings of the Apostle Paul. Paul has taught us not to be ashamed of the gospel, the importance of Eternal Life, baptism for the dead, the scriptures, the three degrees of glory, and that we are not tempted above what we can handle. We have also learned about the organization of the church and the priesthood.

Besides these I have already mentioned, there have been many other important people, who have influenced my life, especially my grandparents. My grandparents are constantly prodding me to read my scriptures and do geneology work. Once they even gave me ten silver dollars for completing a special notebook about my family. That tool me a while to do, but after I was finished, I had a great record of my familay, and ten silver dollars. All these people have been great spiritual influences in my life. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.