iPod touch/iPhone notes.db Notes backup extraction

When I upgraded my iPod Touch firmware, the upgrade did not go so well. It crashed the first time, and I ended up having to go through a few limbo states before I finlly wiped the iPod and started over from scratch. Luckily, it saved a backup of my data before going to far in the backup. Unfortunately, attempts to restore the backup all failed.

Oh well. Not a big deal to synchronize the library. But, I did have a lot of notes files I wanted. I found an iPhone backup extractor (I think it was this.) From this, I was able to see a notes.db file that seemed to have my text. As long as I had the data, I could worry about it some other time.

Well, "some other time" finally came, and I wanted a better way to extract the Notes from the iPod touch notes.db file. After some searching, I came across Marshall Elfstrand's iPhone Notes extractor. This seemed to do exactly what I wanted. It found all the notes, then extracted them to html files.

Only one problem - it spewed out an error when I tried to run it.

It turned out to be a problem with note titles. I have ll sorts of specil characters in my titles (especially '/'), which really mess up the filenames that are created. So, I mofified two lines in the wonderful program to strip special charcters from note titles. The new version of extract_notes.zip is here. As with the original, this requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and is written in Ruby. (After all, I've only made a two line change. The rest is his original.)