Jeremy's Web Site

Information on Web Design, writing, bicycling and many other things.

Current projects: Trend Micro Threat Intelligence Manager

Recent projects include and Stanford Microarray Database. I also have a list of Web Sites that I have worked on.

My blog:jeremy's bike - covers just about anything, from football to book reviews to whatever.

A little bit about College Football and the BCS Automatic Inclusion Criteria is also available. I've attempted to apply the convoluted mechanism of the BCS to the past few years' conference standings to see what we would end up with if the criteria were applies.

Also around here, a bunch of my various writings can be found. These were originally on geocities and include High School and College Term papers, poetry, prose, reviews and other miscelaneous things.

I also have a few notes about iPhone and iPod touch notes.db Notes backup extraction adventures

Some web/software Projects that I would like to work on when time becomes available...

August 2011 - Using Box2d physics engine to create animations.

2016 - A simple battleship game entirely in one static html page.