Jeremy's Interests

  • 6/12/96
    Most movies seem to have these nifty little websites with lots of graphics, games, etc., but trying to find actual information about the movies is a real pain.
  • 6/11/96
    Nice sprints in the middle of a jog help to really get wasted. It's much more comfortable running on a track; unfortunately track teams like to go their, too.
  • 6/5/96
    It's an adventure riding your bike a mile with a huge thing of clothes just to do your laundry. At least the place is reasonably priced, and actually gets the clothes washed and dried. However, right I as I was staring down at the paper and an article about the big scarcity of rain, I looked outside and saw a huge black rain cloud. Whoops. Better get running.
    I bought an 8 track player for ten bucks at the thrift store. (It seemed like the cheapest way to get an amp for my cd player.) Wow! It sounds great. Just hearing mission: impossible with all it's volume and clarity. Wow!
  • 5/27/96
    Going to the Tiffany Park in Bryan, I thought I must ahve been lost - there was absolutely nothing. Then suddenly, BOOM, a huge subdivision (it had at least two elementry schools so it couldn't be small) out in the middle of nowhere. Arrggh. Why can't they build things close togethor anymore? I accidentally took a wrong turn and passed a massive 25,000 + sq. ft. house of Don Adams. What are you going to do with a house that big?
  • 5/27/96
    At Krogers, all the copies of Clueless were rented out. Amazing that its been out sense early January, and it still rents like mad. Meanwhile Waterworld, which came out after it is already in the regular movie section. Another little girl was in there doing cartwheels, and freeking out over Mortal Kombat. I guess it can almost be billed as a childrens film that appeals to both boys and girls.
  • 5/27/96
    My sister got in a car wreck Sunday on the way to church. According to my parents, the car was totalled. Apparently my sister is alright now, but she did take quite a beeting. I guess its best to stick with the bicycle.
  • 5/21/96
    Never eat a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies and milk before going to bed.
  • 5/21/96
    Twister was a pretty cool movie. Good soundtrack. Cool special effects. The flying cow was nice. However, it would have been better with a little less character lead character stuff and a little more action. (However, the opening scene was awesome and really set the tone for a people-based action movie.)
  • 5/21/96
    Summer. Roller-blading. Swimming. Ice Cream. Wow, coolness. It's amazing a ll the kids that came to school nice and sunburned yesterday. I need to hurry and find a place to live so that I can go buy myself a summer swim pass.
  • 5/14/96
    Sniff! Sniff! The Rockets lost. I guess if the Sonics are going to make it past the first round in the NBA playoffs, they're going to keep going for a while. I just hope the Bulls manage to lose big. (Of all horror stories, I found in my journal that in 5th grade, I listed the Lakers, Rockets, Bulls, and 76ers as my favorite teams. I can't beleive it. I actually used to like them. Of course, that's before they had the hotheads they have now.
  • 5/14/96
    Alright, so Monday after work I decided to go for a cool jog. No problem. Got ready. My dinner and breakfast hadn't agreed with me very well, but, no prob., I knew where to stop on the way. Well, I finally got down 29th in Bryan, a good few miles from home, when it suddenly hit me. TUXEDO! I was originally planning on turning in my tux before I left for the jog, but I'd managed to forget. Oops! So my jog suddenly turned in to a sprint as I tried to make it back to College Station. It suddnely dawned on me the futility of my venture. If only I had a quarter, I could make a phone call. Maybe a payphone will accept Mastercard. Yeah right. Well, If I can get to A&M, I can make a call. Look up at the sky. Sheesh, it's probably just about 8 already. Bing! I'm in Texas. People are friendly. Maybe I can use someone's phone. If I can just find somebody outside. No those are just kids. Bingo. Young couple. Ask for time. Ask to use phone and phone book. Call. Wrong name, but I guess it's the right number. They said it would be cool. As long as I could return it before 12 tomorrow. I guess I'll just dart out from work, and try to make it over there. What a relief. Now I can continue on my jog down to the Bryan High track. It had to jog around the school before I could finally get in. Bryan High wasn't all that bad. I remember having some cool conversations outside walking around. Anyway, I finally made it inside the track, ran a mile, then tried to go home. Only my arches started to give out, and I ended up walking. I did finally make it home - only 5 hours after I had left.
  • 5/14/96
    Interesting weekend - At noon on Saturday, I got a call - Being as I wasn't planing to do much other then go see Twister, I decided, "hey, why not go to prom" In Bryan, nonetheless. It turned out to be quite cool. We had dinner in from of the administration building at A&M, played a little croquet, then headed off to the dance. I quite enjoyed it. My 'blind' date turned out to be a totally cool swimmer. What more could you ask for?
  • 5/7/96
    I made the weekend trip out to Hearne - after watching the Argie movie in the library. It was actually pretty cool. On the way down there, mostly downhill with the wind. Talked to the morgue dude there in Hearne, and was even able to put a Little Princess poster on reserve. Horray!!!! Alas, the chamber of commerce was closed, being that it was Saturday, but, I did see their little display that Aunt Jemima was from Hearne. On the way back, however, I tried going down a dirt road, after telling a little kid I was in a hurry... Then, I got a flat, and had to go back to see all the kids. They were really cool. They even through a couple of cakes in my face after I gave them the story about getting pies thrown in my face in kids club. Little hispanic kids are the totally cool. Anyway, I had to stay up late one night to finish my Spanish paper, and another to do my 201 homework. Alas no time to study. In 202, I was totally clueless on the exam, but I was able to get some answers out of there. In 201, however, Dud! I really blew that one. I'm acutally glad that he didn't give us enought time. There are only a couple of types of problems that I'm unsure about - and 3 of the 4 test problems were those types of problems - good 'ol weird spinning bodies and frictional projectiles. I tried pulling out some old quizes to look at - alas, I made a 2 out 10 on one... In other words - bombomatic. hoopefully, there will be a big curve and I'll be able to get an A in that class. At least we had donuts.... Todd has Alicia Silverstone all over his computer now.... I let Megan ride my bike home from kids klub as I jogged by. I'm glad she didn't wreck, or I would've been dead. I've noticed how a lot of the little kids that live close to the elementry school know my name - probably because their Kids Klub friends say hi as I ride by. I kind of freaked out one girl becuase I knew that her last name was Aikman - thus after she said "hi Mr. Jeremy", I responded with a "hi miss Aikman". It's cool when you don't know each other but do. I saw the Quest today with Art. Had to by the soundtrack afterwards. I buy a ton of those. That'sone of the big reasons to go to the movies. The Quest was pretty good. I really loved its portrayal of the fighters from the different countries.
  • 4/27/96
    Barely made it out to the bank in time. Then decided to try to watch an Argie movie (after the let-down of not finding bike stuff in the library locker.) Then, after pondering going home, or going somewhere, I decided I just didn't want to anything, but stay outside. I bought some juice and donuts (what a great diet I'm persuing!) Then headed out. There was one road that was under construction - it's already all paved and everything, but it's still closed to car traffic. Perfect! I also wandered deep down roads, only to find that I had to turn around to get to any reasonable outlet. Then there were the cool little trails were it seems like lots of people like to through parties.
  • 4/27/96
    It's nice being out in the shade at Kid's Klub. Ryann wants to be a Civil Engineer, though she can't say the word. When the kids want to get on your back, why not pop them on each other's shoulders.... I finally got my home page all tabelized, and removed the under construction sign. It still seems a little busy, but I'll think of something to do.... I can't wait to go out on a big bike trip.... Call one day, interview the next, and almost have a job guaranteed before you even know it. Contracting firms seem to be pretty cool. Difference but sameness all in one. Jobs are too easy to find. The hard part is quiting old ones.... Cleaned the refrigerator yesterday.... Still trying to figure out where I am going to stay this summer.... I'm actually pulling for the Rockets over the Lakers. It's tough when your two favorite teams take each other on in the first round of the playoffs. Just as long as teh Bulls don't win....
  • 4/26/96
    The Battalion is soon to end, I didn't apply for next semester - It was kind of a pain this semester, not being able to go to any staff meetings.
    I've had a couple of tests in the past few days. Sometimes they seem more tedious than real tests of knowledge. On the ENGR202 test, I knew just about nothing at first galnce. However, it was open book, and I was able to learn a lot as I was taking the test. (It seems a lot more effective being able to study during the test when you already know the questions, than before, when you have to guess what will be asked.)... I received a B in English. The bad paper grade really killed me. Luckily the final is otional. That's a relief. I do feel like I kind of ripped myself off in that class. I could have easily received an A if I would have researched my paper a little more. But, I decided to go home for Easter instead. I've also managed to become lazy, and haven't read hardly any of the current readings. But, I did learn that I really do like some authors, such as Hawthorne and Mellville, that I didn't think I did.... I just received 30 CDs from Danmark. I took the 'prefered buyers club' deal, but now seem to realize that it is pretty much bunk. Most of what you can get from them you can find for the same price elsewhere; and, in the other places you actually know what you're getting.... I also started calling some places looking for jobs.
  • 4/18/96
    Our ENGR202 TA didn't seem to take to our logic that all of us would be better off if we didn't have recitation, oh well... We wrestled in Kids Klub today. Jeesh! I never realized it was such a tiring sport. I got my head slammed in to the ground a good number of times. But, Mr. John ended up getting a little tired and letting me pin him.... For lunch I made a nice journey out by a park where I ate my three free bagels and a 50 cent cheesecake yougurt thing. It was a nice budget thing, and really cool. Only problem is the sunburned head.... Later, since we got out of Robert's class a little early to fill out evaluations, I raced off to Blinn, (I never realized there were that many huge sorority houses.), then I went the long way around to Kids Klub. I thought I might have been horibly late, but I was on time. Luckily, on this voyage, I remembered to wear a hat.
  • 4/17/96
    We went bowling for Kids Klub today. The Kids actually behaved themselves pretty well. Just a few minor problems... I finally did my English reading (Benito Cerreno). I've actually read all the Mellville we're supposed to read - and on time! Walking down the hall towards my English class, feeling pumped, I noticed all the other signs announcing walks. "Why don't we ever get walks?" Then I got to our room, and saw that nobody was there. "But wait, aren't I late?" We got a walk! .... Engineering class is awfully boring. I read most of the Battalion during my 202 lecture. In 201, we had a 2 problem quiz. It was open book. (However, for once, I had actually looked over the material before the quiz. Unfortunately, the part that I didn't understand when looking over the example was the same part I didn't understand during the actual quiz. Oh well.
  • 4/17/96
    I've decided to move some of the old junk from my main page over here. Watch out! (Of course, a lot of this information is dated.)
    I'm presently working three jobs. Well, as of April 15th I will stop working at Arby's - a fortunate victim of coorparate mergers and downsizing. Actually, I've been waiting for this for a while. I just couldn't pull myself to quit. However, nice weather is soooo tempting. It'll be great to finally be outside instead of inside a building. It's great working there when its cold outside, (and this year, the cold seems to have gone on WAY to long. [Along with my hair.]

    A few favorites

    Favorite Book:

    Favorite Movies:

    Favorite French Movie:

    Favorite CD:

    Favorite Film composer:

    Favorite Classical Composer:

    Favorite Living Actresses:

    Favorite Dead Actress:

    Favorite Actors:

    Favorite TV Show: (well, I saw about half of Barney at the dentisit's, office, and before that, I think 3 years ago, I saw an episode of Northern Exposure. Sheesh. I don't like TV....)
    On a cold Thursday, I caught the Weather Channel in Taco Bell. Jeesh. I just wish they would've hurried to the point and told us exactly what was going to happen. I continue to be very disenchanted with Tv. They're the ones that have started the LA Riots, and other things. They show their spin on the issue. There is no equal time for letters to the editor. If someone just wants to skip to the local section, they have to go through all this junk about whatever the newscasters want to through at them. By golly, it's genuine 1984-esque thought control. Ban TV. We can do it. As a 4th grader noted after hearing stories on the news - "It can't be real. They must just make that stuff up (in response to news about a runaway pregnant 10 year old. And you know. That stuff probably wouldn't be true if it wasn't for TV news. It encourages people to blindly except what the news tells them and to reject anything else that comes from society, thus making enforcement of laws and peace an amazingly difficult process. We're almost in the same predicament as World War II Europe when NAZI lies were forced over Radio France.
    Oops. That was supposed to be the part on favorite TV show....
    3/31/96 - Darn, now that MSU and UMass are out if it, I guess I'll have to become an Orangeman in for the NCAA playoffs. As for the NBA, LA Lakers all the way!

    4/10/96 - It feels different without any hair!

    4/13/96 - Sports figures have again shown that they are just a bunch of overpaid dorks. And jeesh, it was a Laker this time! How unfortunate that even the best basketball team in the world could employ such doofballs for such high salaries. But hey, at least that keeps them from starting a communist revolution.

  • 3/29/96
    I just had an Engineering 202 test yesterday. I really should have studied for it. (After all, our professor has said that we should spend at least 5 hours per week in preparation for the test.) However, I really didn't have the desires to devote time to studying. Instead, I watched a few Indiana Jones movies, etc. In the end, I got the homework solutions, stapled them to the homeworks to which the corresponded, then looked over a few of them. Then, I got tired, so I went to bed. I never really did get around to studying again. Then the test... Well, I was rather clueless. Luckily, was able to learn a lot of the stuff during the test. Most of the problems I missed, I would have missed even if I studied - they were no where to be found. Anyway, afterwards, I headed out to watch Mr. Holland's Opus on campus.... Cheesh. That was an itty-bitty screen. Hardly worth going there. However, once the movie got going, the emotions took over. Neo-romanticism....

  • 3/21/96
    I really should be studying for my Engineering 201 test right now, however, I just don't have the interest. After all, it's just engineering. I've already pretty much decided that I wont be in engineering anymore, because it seems to obsessed with labs and minute little things without regard to the big picture. Sure things get more interesting when you move away from the microscopic scale, and start working with the big picture, but hey, why not just start with the big picture, and have an engineer do the boring stuff for us. That's the ticket, be the boss man.

  • 2/13/96
    Arrghh - nice luck day. I left my bike pump in the academic building. I didn't realize that until I was taking off to race to work. Unfortunately, I didn't have time them to make the run. What I didn't realize is that a cop would be waiting there to give a citation for running a stop sign in a bike. Jeesh. Why doesn't he ever give tickets to those cars who ram themselves in to the bike lanes. Actually, what would happen if I didn't have an ID when he tried to give me a ticket? Or what if I did get a ticket and had my driver's license suspended? Or maybe had to take defensive driving? Interesting possibilities. I tried to launch out over the 30 mile per hour speed limit, but, alas, uphill I only made it to 27...
    Then there's the case of trying to identify cars at works. I still think this world would just be a whole lot better place if we'd all just walk instead of ride.
    Boy am I feeling anti-social. Don't you just love the maternal castigations for not engaging in social activities?

  • 2/12/96
    Wow - In the week it took for my notice of my mutual fund to get to me, it already went up 1.6% - if the stock market keeps growing like this, I'll be able to live off that without working!

  • 2/10/96
    Schwa - I raced down to the journalism room twice over the weekend, and both times it was locked. I hope I'm not too severely castigated for it. I tried to contact my faithful section editor, but, alas, both times I encountered nothing save the machine.

  • 2/2/96
    Alright, since this is kind of becoming more of an editorial soundboard, I'm going to try to put the most recent stuff at the top. (Of course, the movies and CD lists are continuously growing.)
    Alright(2), this has been a not so great week. I started out sick on Sunday, and haven't managed to get any better, and now its cold. Freezing cold. And it's Texas. It's not supposed to get cold in Texas. January is supposed to be the last remnants of cold weather. We might have a scattered cold day or two, but a series of days cold enough to result in school getting cancelled? Give me a break.
    In Spanish I successfully bombed are first test. I want to kill the professor. Yep, one of those type tests. He said it was like the ACT/SAT, reading comprehension type stuff. Well, I took it as that, and looked for the answer that best fit the reading selection. (Selection in Spanish, answer in English.) Well, on a few of them, the best fitting conceptual answer had a few false cognates. So, thinking the concept was better than the false cognates, I forgave them (after all, I could kind of see how they would work in English if you reached for an alternative meaning - after all, English words can mean whatever you want them to.) Anyway, as we went over them, he said that all statements had some degree of truth, and we were in fact not looking for the best answer, but for the one with the clearest Spanish. Thanks a lot. Tell us that after the test. Maybe if you would have at least been in the room during the test, we could have absolved ourselves of some of the difficulties, but in this case, ARRRGGHH!
    Anyway, it's also been a bad week at work, and I'm still lost in Engineering. Thank goodness that school was cancelled today. I needed the super rest I got last night.
    I also started up my mutual fund this week. Let's see how things go.

  • Soon I'll have some of my interests and stuff up here. But or right now, I really need to do a lot of reading assignments for my classes. How on earth can we have to read 3 chapters in a 12 chapter book for only the second class day? Sheesh. Anyway the classes that I'm taking this semester are:
    English 323 - American Renaissance
    Engineering 201 - Conservation Principles in Energy
    Engineering 202 - Properties of Matter
    Engineering 281 ESP Seminar I
    Spanish 301 - Hispanic Civilization. and Culture
    I was taking a Civil Engineering class, but, alas, that is no more.

    Interesting observation of the page edit period:

    I asked the 1st - 4th graders what their favorite movies were. From girls, I got answers expected, such as Clueless and Tom and Huck (though one said Tom was cuter, the other Huck), but the Waiting to Exhale and one said Mortal Kombat! (I just had to rent that to check it out.) For the boys, they were a little more expected: Jamanji was the most frequent response. Then game Jurassic Park and the Ernest movies. Another girl also liked Mr. Holland's Opus and A Little Princess. Disney movies were pretty much out. (Though Kindergarteners seem to love 'em.) But you know, when I was that age. I loved Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones, etc., and didn't want to know anything about E.T. Hmm.... I guess kids movies pretty much have their niche with the youngest kids and the kids at heart.

    .... right before Christmas I did see the ice cream man cruising around. Even though it was a little chilly outside. But, hey, this is Texas!

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