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4/13/96 - Added a few more columns that have yet to be published - reruns was never even finished.... Also, restructured the columns to all have a prettry much uniform, neat appearence.

3/21/96 - Well, I finished with my liberal arts article. I asked it they though it was ok, and they (my wonderful editors) hadn't read it yet, but said that they'd call me. It hasn't appeared yet, so who knows. It wasn't quite as cruel as I originally intended. Nor did it quite approach the subtleness. I kind've wanted some people to snicker saying, "haha you engineers are dorks", while some engineers would say, "hey, but this is exactly how we think." I'm really tired of engineering, and if I was taking one more credit hour, I would Q-drop one of my engineering classes.

3/3/96 - Finally got my smoking column finished. It appears they wanted to be part of a pro/con debate. Anyway, the changes they wanted weren't nearly as bad as I expected, and I actually think my revised column was a little better. Unfortunately, I only managed to ge the revised one saved in MAC format, so all I was able to put up here is the older version (which is pretty good too - actually, a lot more subtle than the revision.) Anyway, I'm still looking for a MAC to other fromats converter. Also, it seems kind of senseless to have a pro/con smoking debate. Just about everyone admits that its bad, and they'd like to quit, however they can't. Sounds like a kind of one-sided debate, eh. Even after reading the other side, he still seems to realize the inherent problems with smoking. Oh well. A few weeks before, I had a column I was trying to get in, however, every time I went to the lab, it was closed. I guess I just was trying to write at the wrong time. Anyway, my great soundtracks column was supposed to run again another time, then it was supposed to get squeezed in again - but, alas, it still has yet to run....

1/31/96 - Today my bicycle column ran. Jeesh what a cold day, too! It's like I was cursed for running the column. I pretty much had to ride my bike, but not only am I sick, it's freezing cold out there. Oh well, hopefully the weather will get better soon. Anyway, I really liked the page layout they did. Aslo, after reading the other article in our head to head, I thought of another spin - talk about walking home from bonfire, and the lack of ride 'forcing' me to go with Green Day to their concert in Bryan. Oh well.
Still not sure why the column didn't run last week. Maybe something about questions perturbed someone. How can you write a column without questions? I did rewrite the soundtracks one without questions. That might be around here somewhere.

1/23/96 - The next article should appear Thursday the 25th. It'll probably be one of the next two down here.

Yes, today, Junuary 17, I made my Battalion debut. An utterly horrid column about movie hits. You know, I could have probably turned it in to a better work if I really wanted to. But, as it stands. Sheesh. It leeves a lot of room for improvement. Anyway, you can check it out here, or probably on the Battalion Page.

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