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Anyone have the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack?

Rightnow I'm listening to some weird stuff. When I find something I like, I'll put it up here. For now, this is under construction... To see a list of the CDs that I've been spinning recently, check out my interests page. If your in the mood to buy a CD, go to cd connection or try out some of the other stores and resources on my links page
[17 April 96] Check out CD Connection! A week ago, I ordered the Ladyhawke Soundtrack and Vilma Palma's 3980 from them. Totally amazed that they actually had them both listed in the forsale catalog I jumped on the order. I still had my doubts. I've found Ladyhawke listed a few other places, but nobody actually seemed to have it. And as for Vilma Palma, nobody had even heard of it. Well, the CD Connection order came in faster than I expected. And, I was totally shocked to open the box to find Ladyhwake sitting there, with Vilma Palma below! It's a great place, and the prices are reasonable.
[30 March 96] Yesterday, I heard a band play "Brown-eyed girl" as I was waling by the MSC. Seesh. What an awesome song. I just had to have it. So I checked all the record stores by campus. Nope, nobody had it. After getting home from work, I checked the one by our house. No luck. Off the Hastings. I found it. The Van Morrison CD with two versions. Then, to make sure, I checked in the MUSE computer to see if I had the versions. I saw there that the other version was an 'uncensored' version. Uh oh. I don't like that idea. Was it, like, really perverted or something? I then glanced through all the CDs that had it. Suddenly I noticed that it was on the Wonder-years CD. I have the Wonderyears CD. I already had it! I knew I had it on tape, but had totally forgot about that CD! Arrghhh. Anyway, I still decided to rrun over to Circuit city and the mall. I special-ordered Ladyhawke for Art. Then, at circuit city, I suddenly got this 80s binge. Then, I noticed that almost all the 80s stuff I was looking for was foreign: Nena, Falco, Europe. I got Europe - Final Countdown had the songs I wanted. I also had Walk Like an Egyptian in my head from Kids Klub, and bought the Bangels greatest hits. Some Eros Ramazzotti and Xuxa to round it out. Wow, I guess I've always had some type of tinge for foreign. And again, I fulfilled the new adage: If go saying that you absolutely will buy a certain CD, you probably wont find it and will end up buying a lot more that you hadn't planned on.
Anyway. Later that night, like really late I started to pay my credit card bills. I must've been in a spending mode, because I ordered Sassy, Forbes, and a couple of other magazines from one credit card offer. Another had a 1800 MUSICNOW thing. It said it was 24 hours, so, I was expecting to get a machine to sample all sorts of stuff. It turns out there was a real live human on the other end. I dunno what he was doing up working so late. Must be awful slow. Anyway, I ended up ordering the 99 Red Balloons CD. Nice impulsive stuff...

Last modified April 17, 1996