Jeremy's work

Below is a partial list of "websites" that I have helped developed. The specific roles vary significantly from site to site, from front-end UI and javascript development to back end content management and database systems; as well as everything in between. While many of these are public sites, there are also some internal sites and web UIs for software products. I've also thrown in some public presentations as well as a few demos and experiemnts. Links with dates next to them should actually work.

  1. js.everywhere presentation (2012) - given at a recent conference in San Jose, CA
  2. Trend Micro InterScan Web Security 6.0 product (2013) - New interactive charting and log analysis
  3. Trend Micro InterScan Cloud Security SaaS (2012) - administration user interface
    ics image
  4. Box 2d demo (2011) - This is one of the uglier demos, but the one that I managed to keep sitting around.
  5. Trend Micro Threat Intelligence Manager(2011) - administration and alerting user interface
  6. EcoliHub Omics (2010) - web development on "expression" portion of site
    EcoliHub screenshot
  7. Tuberculosis Database (2010) - I worked primarily as the front-end developer for this site as well as on some Java and Perl analysis tools.
  8. SMD GenePattern Integration
  9. Stanford Microarry Database
  10. Zirana (2007) Zirana is hyper-local startup created on a modified version of the Joomla Content Management System. I lead the technical side of the initial development.
  11. My Happiness
  12. Scrub Space
  13. Mcafee
  14. IBM (Common Portal Engine)
  15. Aon

I spent many years working for Interwoven (now part of the Autonomy Division of hp) as a Senior Consultant for the TeamSite content management platform.

  1. AT&T (SBC)
  2. Glaxo Smith Kline (Denmark)
  3. Elisa Oyj, Finlandi (Radiolinja presales)
  4. Hilton Hotel (both US and UK with Sapient Indian outsourcing
  5. Farm Credit Canada
  6. DnB NOR (Bergen, Norway)
  7. Lubrizol
  8. Wells Fargo Advisors (A.G. Edwards)
  9. Mastercard
  10. Bunge
  11. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  12. Thrivent Financial (Aid Association for Lutherans
  13. BNSF Railway
  14. American Airlines
  15. Publix Supermarkets
  16. City Utilities of Springfield
  17. China Online (defunct)
  18. NCR
  19. Norfolk Southern
  20. Mosaic Company (IMC Global)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... These are some of the earliest places I worked. I doubt there is much of what I did still around. But, you never know.

  1. Liquid Audio (Back when it was an online music pioneer
  2. Motorola (Cellular Infrastructure Group)
  3. Sterling C. Evans Library