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  • To think, people actually paid to surf...
    my very old and outdated resume or my current blog

    Just wandering around here, I'm amazed that some of these files have timestamps from over 10 years ago. Wow. Sitting around unmodified for that long. And most of these were actually migrated from the Texas A&M site, so the age may be much older than that. It is tempting to give this site a CSS overhaul. But, the ugly Netscape 1.0 era display has a little retro charm. At the moment, I've been spending too much time on College Football, but the season is winding down, and getting in to the slow-mo bowl season. I guess that's about it for this update. Maybe in a few years, I'll put some more in.

    It's also interesting to see what people are looking at. The Turn Turn Turn analysis seems to be most popular. A couple essays on Movie Ratings and Romanian Civil-Military relationships are popular, as is an essay on Poe's contribution to the short story [Hmm, I wonder if I can find a few paragraphs of that one in some high school papers.] A short article on the Chinese Revolution has also garnered some attention. And last but not least, the Little Princess and Liesel Matthews pages are still getting some hits. (Perhaps I should try to put some of the images back up.) I've also noticed all sorts of old emails littered throughout the site. Maybe a rebirth elsewhere would be in order.


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    Music Supported by: CDNOW

  • REM - Out of Time track listing and samples
  • REM - Out of Time, and Sting - Soul Cages
  • Peter Gabriel - So
  • Rush - Roll the Bones
  • Independence Day soundtrack
  • Music from and inspired by Mission: Impossible
  • The Police - Every Breath You Take - the Classics
  • Clueless soundtrack
  • "Turn, Turn, Turn" - The Byrds


  • See the Film Reviews Page

  • Reviews of The Saint and Power Rangers*
  • Other

  • Review of Simpsons Video Game
  • Another Review of Simpsons Video Game
  • Waiting for Godot - theatre review

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    government economics and business literature and language science history philosophy


  • Movie Ratings and Success - pols306.htm
  • Early American Foreign Policy - pols415.htm
  • Middle American Foreign Policy - pols415b.htm
  • A conversation with Wilson and Washington - pols415c.html
  • Civil Military Relations - pols422.htm
  • Civil Military relations - pols422b.htm
  • Civil Military relations - pols422c.htm
  • And more Civil Military stuff - pols422d.htm
  • fulfillment of Communications Merit Badge Requirements
  • terrorism
  • Notes from Hoobler's Drugs and Crime
  • Games
  • Roll the Bones - Congressmen
  • Public Relations in govoernment
  • American Legion rights speech
  • Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Iron Triangles

    Economics and Business

  • Cargill gone public? (Cargill Trip Replacement)
  • Documenting the Unexpected Striation of Fuedal Society - Adam Smith
  • Slowly Sliding Towards Mass Oblivion - Ricardo, Malthus
  • Towards the Imminent Collapse of Capitalistic Superstructure - Marx
  • Waking from the Neolithic Opression - Utopia
  • Pat Buchanan for President... Not! - Victorian
  • Come let us reason togethor - history of economics
  • Greed, Desire, and the Quest for the Holy Grail [Schumpeter]
  • Keynes
  • Literature and language

  • History of the French language and dialects
  • Literary Quotations
  • Martial Arts and Quasi Turtles - Hemmingway and Woody Allen
  • Lord Jim
  • Analysis of Twains A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
  • The Fruits of Sin (Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter)
  • April Morning vocabulary with a twist
  • Belton and Temple schools compared
  • Essay on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
  • Crucible vocabulary
  • MacBeth and A Man For All Seasons analyzed
  • Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock analyzed, with music
  • Esay on Salinger's Teddy and Catcher in the Rye
  • Different version of same Salinger essay
  • Analysis of "Turn, Turn, Turn" by The Byrds.
  • Poe's contributions to the short story


  • amines
  • Perceiving Shape from Shading - abstract
  • Abstract: "Seeking an Antidote for AIDS"
  • Abstract: "The High Fidelity of DNA Duplication"
  • Abstract: "Anatomy of a Headache"
  • Abstract: "The Fast Track"
  • Abstract: "The Body at War: Baring the Secrets of the Immune System"
  • Multidrug Resistance in Cancer*
  • Overview of Environmental Law

    History and the Arts

  • questions about Debussy and La Mer
  • History of computers
  • The downfall of Eastern European Communism - witnessed by Teenage Mutant ninja turtles
  • The French Revolution
  • American Revolution
  • Russian Revolution
  • Chinese Revolution
  • Revolutions
  • African Geographic Regions
  • the church in the middle ages
  • French United Nations Security Council Position paper
  • The Diet that Failed: Sweeden and the American Revolution


  • Guns, Nukes, and Other Forms of Nonviolent Protest
  • Now, what exactly was that?
  • it's great to seize the day, but what do you do with it afterwards?

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    poetry prose drama essays Newspaper columns


  • Ode to the Jellybean
  • Back In Time
  • If the cow was the horse was the cow was the pig.
  • On the subject of cows:
  • Tomatoes
  • A semi-plagaristic Sonnet
  • How about a game of chess?
  • untitled epic
  • Drinking all life away*
  • I wannabe, I wannabe, I wannabe...*
  • Volleying*
  • prose

  • Unnamed Pointless Story -erasure (summswim)
  • Another unnamed story - Depeche Mode (nc)
  • Lightning Journeys to the Nebserville Zone
  • Slinky
  • Martial Beats
  • Forgetting Pride
  • What Would You Do If a Purple Cow Appeared in Your Room?
  • Pink and Purple Fascist Elephants on Mars: Episode Six
  • "A Story"
  • You still riding that bike around
  • I'm Fred, world class swimmer.
  • Take a Walk With Your Sister in the Rain
  • "Shiny happy people laughing..."
  • Rapid Eye Movement - song and story number
  • "A Story" - Alienhum


  • Dale River [en castellano]
  • Gymnastics, the Press, and the Atlanta Olympics
  • Burkes' Interesting Cow Theory
  • Abort, Retry, or Ignore

    Drama and misc.

  • Leftovers: Exhuming Life
  • Cardboard Box Calculator - legal satire
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles witness downfall of communism
  • Purple Cow from Mars - A Screenplay


  • Speech on Microcomputer evolution
  • Spiritual Influences in My Life
  • Reverence
  • Amercian Legion Speech - Rights

    Newspaper columns

  • Battalion commentary
  • Movies
  • Superbowl XXX
  • Movie Soundtracks
  • Ban Cars and Ride Bicycles
  • Anti-Smoking
  • Re-runs
  • Liberal Arts Degrees
  • Good Friday
  • Texas A&M Buildings

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